Wait, I'd rather play as Incubus, thanks.

From Create Your Own Story

Well then, PoV change it is.

You, Incubus, stand in front of your sister. You are waiting for here to finish up her re-inspection of her body, that you might inform her of what you have so recently discovered. A path up to the surface. She finishes her inspection of her blue-skinned, horned form and turns to you.

"What is it that you have discovered, brother?"

"Nothing less than a escape from this chamber, sister!"

"A... A way out?"

Yes, you say, you have found a way out. You take your sister's hand and lead her through to where you have discovered the cave leading to the surface. She blinks. You say "It would be best for one of us to stay behind."

"We should both have a change of scenery" she counters.

You gesture to the cave behind you. "What about these treasures? Who would guard them?"

She starts to stay something, stops, thinks it through and then says, "You are quite right, brother. I will stay behind to guard our home."

You turn towards the surface, grinning. It's time to live as you were supposed to.

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