WSG/Chapter 4 - Raiders

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Faction: Raiders. For specialized raiders, please see Forged‎

Social structure: Tribal

Society: Social structure of raiders is primitive at best. Raider groups tend to be small, staying in a local territory and surviving through scavenging and robbery. More advanced raider bands will extort local communities in their territory for supplies, or kidnap community members for ransom. Raiders are composed mostly of thugs, murderers, and thieves. Their society operates by survival of the fittest, with leaders commonly being overthrown as someone else challenges or otherwise eliminates them and steps into the role. A few notable raider leaders are the exception.

Warning for wastelanders: Raiders tend to shoot first and not bother with asking questions, instead opting to loot bodies and move on. Raiders can be approached at times, and even joined, but it varies from band to band on how they will treat outsiders approaching them. It is best to avoid them completely, as it is not guaranteed they will talk, even if approached in a non-hostile fashion.

Special warning for female wastelanders: Raiders are more likely to take females captive if they can do it easily and without a fight. Captive females will often be used as sexual objects or for breeding purposes. Females are known to be sold after a time to slaver groups. However, females, since they are not normally killed outright, also have a better chance of being able to become a member of a raider group. Please note: It is not recommended to try, as almost every female captive to raiders has been the victim of sexual assault. No currently known exceptions exist among male dominated bands. Females have also been known to be kept as a form of slave labor. Female dominated raider bands are more open towards approaching, non-hostile females, and chances of sexual assault are relatively low or non-existent. However, female wastelanders are still at risk of loss of life or maiming/mutilation, so approach of any raider group is not recommended.

Females found at raider camps show three distinct patterns of coping:

1. Willingness: While the victims may or may not be mentally willing to participate in sexual acts, it has been found that many females will authorize use of their body by the raiders. This has been found to minimize physical injuries, although due to the mindset of given raiders, will not completely eliminate it. Some females have even been found to rise to prominence in raider groups in this manner, although few have risen to leadership positions.

2. Mental collapse: Many female raider victims become withdrawn and mentally unstable, their mental state deteriorating as they are subjected to violent sexual abuse after sexual abuse. Rehabilitation of some rescued survivors has had varying success, but no key element to rehabilitate has been found. Often these females enter a state where response and emotion appear absent.

3. Subjugation and conquest: Some female captives have been found to use the traumatic events as a positive focus, and have risen to great prominence within specific bands. Many female raider leaders or female bands fall under this coping mechanism. It has also been observed that some within this pattern develop a deep hatred towards males. Many of the female only, or predominantly female raider groups have been either created from these category of women, or else started as a male oriented band that has been sabotaged and destroyed from within, with the women in the band systematically killing a majority of the males either covertly or overtly. Many males found in these female oriented bands are either low level raider members or slave labor. Male mutilation, especially of the male genitals, is not uncommon in these types of raider bands.

Special note for male wastelanders: While male dominated raider groups will normally shoot on sight, some will allow unarmed, nonthreatening approach. Aside from the risk of slavery and physical damage, male wastelanders also need to be aware of the female oriented raider bands. Due to the brutality in which many women have been treated by raider bands, female only or female dominated raider bands are not uncommon. Some of the female only bands have a severe dislike or hatred towards males. These specifically pose a greater danger to males, as they are more likely to shoot on sight, or mutilate or maim male captives.

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