Vore him (Warning obvious CV)

From Create Your Own Story

You launch yourself at him desperate for more pleasure and force his head into your cock in one fluid motion. He emits a muffled scream and steuggles, but he is no match for your lust aided shoving. You grunt and moan without a care as to who is listening as he is devoured by your cock and experience more pleasure than you have ever felt before. His hands get pulled in as well when he teies to get his head neck out of your dick. You stop at his shoulders and look down to see his own cock and smile as you see his erection. You know how much pleasure he is in for as your flex your cock and pull in his shoulders in one slurp. At the feeling of his broad shoulders stretching open your cock, you lose what little self-control you have left and start humping at him while pulling him in. Soon his hips are almost engulfed and you pull your cock up to let gravity assist you. Suddenly you see his cock come up to eye level with you and you have the urge to give him a blowjob.

Start Sucking

Keep swallowing him

Let him out, fuck him, and swallow him again

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