Vore all of them (Warning CV)

From Create Your Own Story

The feelings you remember are just too enticing to ignore. You walk up to the guy staring in the direction of he stalls and start to force him on his knees. He does not even struggle and you give him a predatory grin as he just kneels in front of you without a thought to himself. He looks up at you and returns your smile, mistaking your smile for friendliness. He opens wide, but you don't even acknowledge his efforts and simply shove him into your dick roughly. You moan as he starts to struggle against your forceful intentions. He tries pushing out with one hand while his other one is used to get himself off. You can't help but stare as he barely struggles while trying to get off quickly. You grunt and moan as he is pulled deeper and deeper into your cock. You smile proudly down at your manhood as it swallows him. You groan in pleasure as the feeling overwhelms you and you groan loudly. You don't forget your manners and you push his dick against his stomach as your cock swallows him deeper. You feel him start to thrust against the walls of your dick and sit down as your knees become to weak to stand. You lift your cock up to let gravity assist you and wrap your arms around your dick. You begin to masturbate as the feet of your prey are enveloped. The feelings of your prey begin to leak into your mind and the aphrodisiac effects start to make you feel like you are going to cum. You moan loudly as you try to masturbate and your cock swells. You thrust into your hands and get onto your knees while humping into your hands. You moan loudly as you feel your balls pull up and cum force its way out of your dick. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you know it isn't real but you don't care. Your orgasm last for an eternity and you just keep jizzing. You feel a hand on the back of your head and a dick jabs into your throat. You let out a grunt as the man from the stalls to facefuck you. You look up as he stares down with a sadistic grin on his face. You look back down to his gigantic nuts swinging back and forth as he attempts to dominate you. You figure he must of gotten his fill when you weren't paying attention. What do you do?

Submit and jack off

Suck him off than take control

Try to overpower him (Warning CV)

Think of a way to continue with your vore (Warning CV)

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