Vladimir Sokolov, an intelligence agent

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Vladimir Sokolov, one of many aliases, was a Cold-War Russian intelligence operative. He was the best at what he did, so when he contracted intreatable cancer, doctors worked to create a computer program based upon his personality that could be used as a replacement when Vlad died. They had a rudimentary outline, but lacked the technology to really go any further. Vladimir died, and all the computer remnants were locked in some vault in Russia, forgotten by the world. However, in the late 2060's, a scientist discovered the vault and, working by the recordings and transcripts of the things Vlad would do, finished the program. He uploaded it into a mobile robotic unit, creating Vladimir Sokolov once more.

Vlad helped evacuate people during the Great Collapse, but was lost and deactivated in the deep recesses of the starships in orbit. Nearly 400 years later, a backup program kicked in, reviving Vlad but wiping his memory. He proceeded to serve on the deep space explorer ship Lancaster, and as such was caught up in the mutiny that occurred. When the Celestial Crossing began, and time-space went a tad screwy, he was one of a handful of survivors to escape into Iss. Your story picks up with Vlad and his fellow castaways crashed-landed in the Golden Plains, not far from the city of Lorfaul. Vlad's possessions include his knife, a small but weak laser pistol, several days' supply of food and water, and a small hoverbike. His skills include stealth, disguising, and long-range fire support (sniping).

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