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From Create Your Own Story

You decide to not keep Trump's daughter waiting. You of course know which one he meant. Ivanka was, for all intents and purposes, your second in command. Specifically, she made sure that the money sources the GPD relied on kept supplying money. She was very helpful in this regard, being very beautiful and persuasive she was able to keep all the supply lines open and functional.

However, that wasn't why Ivanka needed you. Unbeknownst to Trump, Ivanka and Eric's spouses, or anyone else, you and Ivanka slept together on a regular basis. Even though Ivanka's role was important, she rarely had to meet with you when it came to work. No, your meetings were for an entirely different purpose.

Walking briskly to your office, which was in the top floor of the East Wing, you try and be as nonchalant as possible. When you enter your office, you find your secretary, Keann, working at her desk. Keann was a rare sight around the Trump building, given that she was black. Most people in Trump's employ were white, almost 95%. The remaining 10% was mostly Black and Asian, with no Latino employees to your knowledge. And forget about Muslims.

Keann was a beautiful, 28 year old woman. Her dark hair was usually hung down a bit passed her ears, which accented her smooth face and full lips. Her defining character was, however, her boobs. You had never asked, but you guessed she had D cup boobs. They were full as well, two dark globes that filled her shirt. She was about 5'9 and, while a bit on the chubby side, she still had amazing curves. Her ass was amazing, too, a work of art you had stared at for years.

Keann had worked for you since he had started on Texas. She was a loyal employee, and while you have never made advances toward her, she always knew how to dress for her boss. Her clothes always showed off her cleavage. When Trump had hired you, you insisted Keann be brought along, much to Trump's dismay. However, you had been adamant, and Trump had agreed.

"Hello, sir," Keann greeted, standing up, "Mrs. Trump is waiting in your office."

"Good," you reply, taking a second to admire her body, "Keann, why don't you get some lunch. My treat." Keann nodded, knowing what you meant. You were pretty sure Keann knew what was going on, but also knew enough to stay quiet. She left without another word, closing the door behind her.

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