Violet/Throw a blanket over the thin nightgown

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Violet pulled a silken throw over the thin nightgown to keep the chill away; tying the blanket at her neck like a shawl. The maid and other staff watched the Princess as she made her way to the throne room, but the girl didn't pay heed to any of them.

The throne room was huge, and King Fredrick sat on the huge throne while looking at the Princesses now standing before him. Each of them were dressed more than she.

"As you know," Fredrick started, looking over each of the girls before his eyes landed on her with a look that wasn't familiar to her. "Each of you will soon be married women, and be able to create families of your own. The Prince's have arrived. It was your father's wishes that you be given to them, and so if they approach you; do nothing to scare them away. I will now present them to you."

Several Prince's entered the room, but none of them were what Violet was expecting. While not all of them were ugly, they all had a similar look in their eyes as the King. Violet felt a shiver run across her back, and she attempted to pull the blanket closer, but instead the silk slipped from her fingers, exposing the somewhat see-through gown to all in the room. Startled, she bent to grab it, but Fredrick spoke. "Leave it." Violet slowly stood upright without the blanket and saw that the majority of the Prince's were now staring at her. "Furthermore, each of these Prince's has been given a room next to yours in order to give them more of a chance to...get to know you."

Violet crossed her arms over her chest to hide the response building from the breeze hitting her nearly nude form. "If I hear from any of these fine men that you have been disrespectful to them, you will be severely punished. Possibly by the Prince himself. You may go."

Violet immediately reached for the blanket she had dropped, but a hand clamped around her wrist.

Was it...?

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