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Amazed by how much this guy met my vision of Luka.
Natalia OréliMother
Alexi OréliFather
Sexual Interests
Alexander Thoring, Lea Olsen

Luka Oréli, age thirteen at the start of Verse, is an abnormal boy and the only offspring of Alexi and Natalia Oréli. He has electric blue eyes, the right of which tends to spend it's time concealed by his jet-black hair. He skin is a pale-white, customary among his people, which can only be described as "Eastern". He is soft-spoken, except when around his friends, where his personality changes drastically to match theirs: odd and wild.

He is somewhat disillusioned with life, due to events that go on within his family. As a result, he tends to spend his time getting high with what money he manages to scrap together, usually obtained from his mother. Of course, his parent's don't know of his habit, and he rarely even has to see them, making hiding it that much easier. He's plagued by nightmares whenever he sleeps, likely due to the stress from his family.

Most of his troubles spawn directly from his alcoholic father, whom he has has taken an avoidance stance towards. Sometimes, the two go days without seeing one another. When they do, it usually breaks down into his father complaining what a disappointment is, he standing there, boiling with feeling of hate towards the man who helped create him, and his protective mother attempting to separate them.

Having few friends, he tends to spend his time at home, either smoking or fighting his old computer. He considers Gabriel, Jake, and Lea "pretty chill friends", despite the fact that he doesn't really like the first two. Lea is a subject of infatuation, despite being coupled with Jake. He knows it's unlikely he'll end up with her, so hasn't kept himself from looking at other people--both female and male.

He enjoys playing games, both on-screen and physically, though tends to only do the previous. His favorite colors are black and blue, his favorite foods are pizza and "anything fried", and his favorite subjects are Language Art and Math.

People he considers friends: Blake Koch, Gabriel Thames, Jake Lind, Lea Olsen.

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