VX: Rat-like Beastman, Lower Class, Male.

From Create Your Own Story

You're a Beastman, with ratlike features, so society has always placed you in the lowest social classes it could find. You foughy back, becoming a highwayman with an interest in the Bolshevik cause, but now the discovery of the books on demonology rendered all that meaningless. You moved into the hunting lodge where you found him dead, and spent the next couple of weeks reading the books he'd kept. You'd been lucky to learn how to read, most of your working-class comrades never had the chance, but you were apprenticed to an music hall preformer and picked up the basic tenets of literacy. Hey, you had to read the scripts.

The content, even though the books were pictureless, ensured that most of the time you spent reading the books, you spent with your cock hard and out of its sheath. Pretty soon you got into the habit of browsing them naked. But books on demonology are hard to find, even for the wealthy, and he didn't have his entire collection with him, so you've just reached the end of your collection. What's the plan now?

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