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If you want to leave me a message feel free to post here--Underside 06:56, 11 July 2016 (UTC)

Umm, it is great what you are trying to do...

But, did you get the system admin's authorization to do that with the all adult stories? Really not a good idea to change things like Index pages without... You may really want to leave a note with Platypus first... --Dirty Me 08:51, 14 July 2016 (UTC)

Ah, I didn't really know the protocol. I tried reading the rules to make sure I was doing everything right. I'll revert it for now and leave a message asking about it.--Underside 14:28, 14 July 2016 (UTC)

A part of me wants to say 'no'. I can remember the days when all of the stories, of all types, fit easily on the Main Page... However, while I knew that the excessive number of parser calls were causing some issues, I wasn't aware that there were editing problems with the index pages and phone browsers. In light of that, and since the index pages have gotten rather unwieldy, even with the current breakdowns... Go ahead and split the indexes up.

I do appreciate being asked before major changes are made to the site structure. --Platypus 16:45, 14 July 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, I tried adding the notoc to the top of the adults page, and it keeps throwing time out errors. If the page change cannot write to the database within a certain amount of time, it errors out and will not make the change. With the template method you recently used, it basically blocks changes to the index page. Also, I have other concerns about doing it this way. New users tend to mess up the pages anyways, and now adding in a new story is more complicated. I would have no problem, but I imagine others would have problems. You may want to rethink the way to handle it. Maybe just keep it the way you originally had it since Platypus has given the go for the change. At least then users will not have as difficult of a time. You may also want to add to the Tutorial to explain how to add your story a little more, since it is a little more complicated now. When users get warnings, they get pointed to the Tutorial, so it would be better to give information on how to navigate and add better in there. Again, I am not a decision maker on this site, just a user. So, I am just making comments based on my experience here and my thoughts. --Dirty Me 01:52, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

PS: After thinking about it, if we really want a listing of the stories on the main index page, you can always put them in the same way as we do the options. I am thinking of some ideas on how to handle, like maybe just a list of the stories, without a wiki table, but when you click the story it takes you to the index page. Not sure. Lets face it, I am still trying to figure out The Review, which is what I created to review all the stories on the site (But, I am just one woman, so it is difficult for me to review every single story...hoping others also add their own reviews). I have even wondered if there is a way to link the indexes to the reviews so we have story:synopsis, but have not figured out a good way to do this. --Dirty Me 01:57, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

I think your first idea was better. New users will make a mangled mess out of this. As much as I would like to have a single index page, we've got to keep things as simple as possible. As it is, it's a constant project to keep people from putting every story whose title starts with The under T.--Platypus 02:03, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

_NOTOC_ When this is added to the top of a page, it prevents the table of contents from showing. Right now, the index shows every letter and # at the top. You know how it had the little grey box that went #, A, B, C, D, ....? Then you click and it jumps to that section? That is the toc. Putting this code, you will not have the toc shown at the top. --Dirty Me 02:19, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

Eh, stay here long enough and you will realize how much work I have put in, sometimes things that doesn't work, so all the effort ends up in the blank pile, or sitting there until I want to retry it. For example, you can check out Texting. It was created by someone else on this site based on some ideas I passed him. He just expanded, then I expanded, then he expanded, etc... So, I know the feeling quite well xD --Dirty Me 02:49, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

lol, the story name is the link. Most are not even done. If you want to see what it looks like complete, go to The Review/Adult Stories/Page 2, then search for "The devil's daughter" or "The end of the world". Those were two stories I was asked to review. You will see it has the story link, and the review link. Both are exactly the same on the page, but they take you to a different place. One will take you to the story, the other to the review. For contributors, basically, they just put their review on the review page. Like The Review/Adult Stories/The End of the World, you see "DirtyMeStoryTime's review of The End of the World:". That is the format, a link to the reviewer, and the story. Then, that person's review. The red links that all end with / are because I have not put in the story name after the / or created the review page yet. I think I did that for the The Review/Family-Friendly Stories, so you can see what the full pages should look like. Although, with less red links xD One reason I have The Review Guide, for people to add their own review on the stories I have the review page already created. I have not set up a guide on how to add another page yet, since there are categories that are needed, making sure redlinks are properly formatted, things like that. Again, my system is a bit complicated too... --Dirty Me 03:02, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

Eh, I more set it up to show "Hey, here is the story link, so if you like it based on the review, you can go straight there", "Here is the review link, to get the reviewers views on the story", "Here is the page count, so if you are looking for stories that have much more content, you can use that in your judgement", and "Here is a quick synopsis with some key words in case you want a specific type of story". There is no formalization yet of it. Since there are so many stories, it is a major WIP, unless lots of people start reviewing to get it done faster. Normally I read every single page, making notes on the actual review page, which I replace once I have finished it. Honestly, it seems like the template covers most information most people would care about, so I really didn't want to add less stuff. --Dirty Me 04:10, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

lol, first, good catch. I did not do the category keywork correct. The alphabetization is done by what follows the |. So, [[Category:My bad story]] would default to M for My. But, [[Category:My bad story|This story is bad...]] would default to T for This. So, for subpages links, like [[The Review/Adult Stories]], if I do not put a | and something else, every one would categorize under T for The Review. This is what I mean by it is a little complex for average users. But because of your note I also corrected the end of the world and the devil's daughter, since I put them without the "the, a" type of thing. So, it should be Devils Daughter, The and End of the World, The. I fixed.

Now I know what you mean by the review itself, not the template on the pages. lol, well, now it just has to do with who we are, and how we like to present things. I am a bit strange xD A touch of OCD, alot of ADHD, and more that effect my stories, but don't really effect things like the reviews. Eh, I am a mess. So, I just write it based on what I think is important. I know not all users will think the same thing is important. Like, some have my viewpoint as a female. Why? Because most of the adult stories on this website dehumanize and objectify women. So, I note that, as a female writer, I view it x way. Mostly because many of the readers on this site are not female, so they don't care about how I view it as a woman, they only want to know if they can masturbate to it, or if it is a story that has the types of things they are interested in. Another reason I wish more people would write their own reviews. I personally find life of a 13 year old completely horrible. I find it disgusting, I find it degrading, I find it in poor taste, with poor writing, and not worth anyone's time. But, others love the story. So, I add in some of my specific criticisms without trying to be insulting, and some of the "from a technical writing style, x". And, as you may have guessed simply from my replies, I tend to write yeah, they are probably longer than they need to be. I talk as much in real life too =P

Your review of Harry Potter was just fine. Honestly, as long as no one is insulting others in the reviews, I don't care what they put. Like: The story was shallow, that is fine. The story has poor taste, okay. The author of this story should be arrested immediately before be does something to a child, well, that is the type of thing I do not want to see. I don't want people to judge the author, no matter what I do inside my head as I read them. I want people to critique the stories, so readers know what to expect, so they know if they wish to read or not.

Anyways, sorry for the long answers, I will shut up now xD --Dirty Me 04:37, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

Oh, I got it xD Yeah, had to see the way you did the template. Honestly, because I never thought about doing it like that. It wasn't something that was obvious for me. Please remember, I like playing with these things, programming, formatting, things like that, but...I suck at, I won't really see one thing as logical, even though someone who is more familiar with this stuff might just be like, well, you, and say "Wait, you can just do this, and look, so short with all the right info". Thanks for the idea though. --Dirty Me 05:04, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

Well, if you get bored, you can always try to help me with It's programming time! --Dirty Me 05:49, 15 July 2016 (UTC)

nvm, I figured out what you were doing. Think I will copy it for my texting emoji setup. --Dirty Me 06:14, 18 July 2016 (UTC)

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