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Friend, you need to chill out. I'm new to this site, and that was not much of a welcome. Yes, I obviously made several errors, and there was no note I could find about the 'hormonal' thing. I understand you are a Nazi, but this site is for fun.

You can delete my wiki, Otto

Another Smutty Sex Romp question from me - is there license to occasionally use phrases other than "do you" preceeding the choices at the end of a page? I see you changed one of mine, but I thought conformity rules meant one always had to preceed the choices with a "do you"? Secondly, I've noticed you correcting a fair number of my pages with "minor changes", so I apologise for that. I'm really enjoying adding to SSR, but if I'm making a lot of work for you I can focus on a different story if you'd prefer? Keep up the good work! - cupidstings

Hey, just wanted to say I really enjoy the stories you've done, and your doing some nice work here. Seems I see your name everywhere, fixing things up and getting rid of idiot posts. Keep up the good work! Also, sorry I gave you a bit more work when I first started, by not having categories on my contributions. Should have read through all the tutorials and things first, but I just had the urge to jump right in. --Fmonkey 14:49, 24 February 2013 (UTC)

You seem the man to ask - does Smutty Sex Romp top out at the costume shop? Are there any plans to take it further than that or should I just focus on adding to what's already there instead? - cupidstings

Hey i have a question how do u make the table with stuff like name equipment ect please and thank you. Seth Xozen

Are you allowed to make suggestions here?

Ok, if you could in your spare time, I suggest writing more about the green haired girl on the bus in smutty sex romp. Kinda has to do with the whole foot fetish thing XD

TheTerribleDog: Sorry, Platypus, for recently putting my stories on the Main Page, and forgetting to categorize. I'll try harder to remember next time Stay awesome, man.

Nobubobo: Sorry man, for the suckyish english... It was the first time I tried to write something here, and english isn't my first language, so I messed it up... I'm sad that you think what I wrote is "Garbage", for I have spent hours writing... But that's ok, I guess... I Still like you, you're just awesome. Well... see ya then...

Zyrokon: I fixed the pages I added, if you want to check them to make sure they are properly in line with the story now feel free to do so.

Super_Tramp: Why are you being such a 'Nazi' and giving me a hard time on my story? I have to save every once in a while even if the page isn't fully complete because if I don't I get logged out and all content that I did not save gets lost. So how about giving me a break before decided to leave me a new message every couple hours saying I'm not doing it right and deleting my content. I feel I deserve at least a day to organize my content. Merry Christmas.

Finisher: Sorry about the missing category links and thank you for the heads up. I didn't notice it was missing and assumed it was automatic.

Goohoojoo: Thanks for cleaning up some of the beginning of my new, back-connected story arc for Rampage. It's still a serious WIP and some of it isn't filled in yet.

Bahawk: Got your message about adding title to each page. How do I go back to all the submitted pages and add title to each page?

Silentman97: Do what now? I'm at this so what am I supposed to do? OKAY!!! Dear GOd my Computer's been acting funny with this website so I've had a little trouble please get off my back I'll try to fix it okay? but just today it froze up three times.

Hey bud, how have you been. Remember me?

I got a question for you. I found a different create your own story site. I am writing my own story on it. I was wondering if it is okay or not okay to post a link to said site on my profile so that readers of my work here can find things I write elsewhere? thx for the reply in advance

--Yihman1 14:48, 26 October 2012 (UTC)

Hey Platypus,

Could you delete my pages I created? I need to do a major revision and would prefer to not have history. Thanks in advance. -Terrytens

Great thanks. Yea, definitely let me know if you think of any stories that would be good for it. From the ones I've read, I think Heyoeveryone's Remember might be the best option. I'm probably going to record in about a week, so let me know before then if you think of any other good options. -AlexCW

Hey. I have been a fan of this site for a while. I am an experienced actor and had the idea of adapting some of these stories to YouTube. Essentially, it would be an audiobook of the story where you click a link at the end of the video to make your choice (leading you to the next part of the story). You seem to be very active on and passionate about this site. I was wondering if you can help me find a well written CYOA story with lots of dialogue. I'd be willing to discuss this idea if you have any input. Thanks! -AlexCW

Just wanted to ask what happened to the main page and the reason for it. I was gone for a week, then BAM! A template for the featured, only several stories available directly. What is the criterion for the stories to be displayed on the main page, anyways? --Snowball- The Anti-Adult-Content Resistance Leader 13:00, 18 August 2012 (UTC)

thanks for the advice i'm a big fan of your work your a really big part of this website Seth Xozen

yo!! u just deleted my story!!!!!y???

thank you!!! i should be able to do it. i'm just a terrible speller. did u make this website??? this should be my last post 'cuz i don't want annoy u any more than i have... :]


i tried to catogorize a page on 'Vampires Vs. Werewolfs' but it didn't work... sorry once again :] peeta.luvr

Last thing, you respond Fast!!!!p.s i understand if want me to stop posting stuff, sorry 'bout that. :]

peeta.luvr again

i have a question, my appologies for not asking before on my previous comment, but do you have to read All of the stories posted on this website?? :]


i'm soooo sorry i ignored your first message!! i didn't know what it ment to "catagorize a page" and i still don't know, so i was wondering if you could help by telling me how to!!! please and thanks :]


How exactly do you give your story a catoragory? Sincerely Critic-AL P.S. Please forgive my spelling.

I Apologize Mr. Platypus, I have realized you are indeed correct however I don't recall seeing this on the main page where was it? Sincerely Critic-AL P.S. I Hope we haven't got off on the wrong foot.

I Have no clue what your saying Mr. Platypus I Made Medieval Life Myself I was only editing my own story. Unless you know of another medieval life adventure I Have no idea what your saying. More Sincerely this time Critic-AL

That seems significantly easier; I'll use the move feature to fix the others. Thanks.

-- Fin

Hey Mr. Platypus The only story I recall editing was my own called medieval life. So if you think i edited another one than how about telling me which one rather than Insulting me so i don't do it again. Not So Sincerely Critic-AL.

Um... I discovered a better way to organize my story, but, unfortunately, a produced this blank page in the process: this little baby I don't know if you'd have found it otherwise, but I also got a question: will you hate me if I "fix" the previous four pages? Changing the urls from /CYOA/<page> to /CYOA/Luka/<page>. I'll understand if you're opposed, considering it makes you have to do stuff (delete the old ones, I'm guessing), and I don't really mind if it stays like this but... it looks messy as it is, with the pages split. xD

Also: apologies; please don't hate me.

-- Fin

I don't know if you've received complaints from any other users recently about this, but there is a syntax error that comes up upon clicking the "Trolling in the Mall" page in SSR. Just a heads up.

-- Pterodactyl

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ wow, i do not no what your problem is but you honestly need to calm down, big time....

i never did go into a different story and deliberately delete a different page, if it happened it was on accident and something that i did not mean to do or realize what was happening. i would assume that would be understood rather causing such anger towards me as i'm new here.

still don't see how it's even possible that i would have done something as you accuse me of doing when i only, and i repeat, only edited pages which i created for my story. if i did indeed delete somebody else's page as you claim i did than there is many other ways to handle it then calling me out in pure anger, acting as if i did it on purpose, and using caps as if you are yelling at me.

anyway, thank you for making my first experience on this website a bad one and i will keep that in mind as i come back(if i even bother returning now) and also when talking with other people.

-- pissed off and ready to never come back, Hailey ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I just recieved my second warning about not catergorizing pages correctly or pre-empting them with the story title. However, if I did so with the last few entries I've made within any stories, it was a complete accident. I made every attempt to comply. Your message resounded loud and clear, and to be completely honest, you sound like an impudent asshole with severe control issues who prefers to emphasize tone over content. I'll make no more entries, I assure you. In the future, perhaps treat your writers with a little less insolent rudeness and you might not end up with so many endless pages of half-written drivel. (I'm sure you'll erase this message to eradicate the perceived insult, but at least consider what I've said.) User:DickingCream

I've gotten a message like this as well. The story was tagged, as far as I could tell - as it was a story ending, I made sure that it linked back to the original story. What exactly did I forget to do? User:Wonder Boy


I'vev been writing my first CYOA (the transformation laboratory) and I made a ending page and i got a warning, it was in the right categorys so I'm very confused. -supersmew

Hey Platypus,

I'm working on starting The House on Horny Hill. I neglected to save an intermediate page and so some later ones were deleted as orphaned. Could those be recovered so I only have to re-write the page that I forgot to save earlier? --DickHardy 23:11, 3 April 2012 (UTC)

Whoa ^^ I get the feeling you're way stricter than my English teacher xp. My spelling and grammar skills are little more than readable I'm afraid. I'm not native English or anything so.. I'll try ^^ (it's only my third language)

It took me over 15 minutes to even figure out what you'd changed on some of those pages ^^, after figuring that out I was left stupefied as to what was wrong with it in the first place -_-. Looks like my grammar may remain beneath your expectations for quite a while yet.. (completely hopeless)


What do you mean 'title of the story?'

-- Apollo.

Playtpus my man {or bird if you are female} Great place that you have here and fantastic stories going down but l have a slight problem here. Whenever l try to edit Smutty Sex Romp then this comes up "Permission error...users and bureaucrats allowed." What in the NINE HELLS does that mean?

-- Apollo

Platypus, sorry i've been no here for a while.....just tell me what Choose your own adventure are you? I mean what category are you?


Ah, OK. But what do you mean by title?


I just made Category: Randy Orton good now?


Then all my pages have the category, if not, example the Pokemon Trainer Academy is PKMN PTA not Pokemon Adventure, it's not my fault it's the creator fault.





dude i was wondering if you can find out who did it or if you can get it back i really need this.


Re: deleteme

Oh shit, I guess that makes a lot more sense now that I think about it. Whoops.

My apologies, man. --TheElderOnes 03:23, 1 April 2012 (UTC)

Hi. Something has happened to my story. I keep trying to get my page back but it's blank. I clicked restore and it says it's done but the page still says it's been blanked. How or who did that? Was it when I was editing? Could you restore my page/s for me as I can't seem to find out how.

  • hi again. I know you fixed it but my page was blanked again. Could you tell me how it's happening. All I did was edit the first page of text. I didn't touch the catagory link or the options i only changed the dialog. Is it something I'm doing by mistake. If it happens again how do i fix it myself so i dont have to bother you. If you couldn't tell I'm new at this*


Hello. I'm sorry for bothering you, but I have two questions. 1. Can you delete this page for me?*Black_Dress_2%2BDuran%2BMercs* Thank you very much. The title for the page doesn't fit with the rest of the story and I seemed to have failed at formatting it correctly which leads me to...

2. I'm a little more than confused at how to make the link appear at the top of the page (under the title of said page) which allows you to go back to a point in the story. I've read the tutorial page and stared at the coding for the page trying to figure it out, but I'm utterly perplexed at it. I'd be extremely grateful if you could shed some light on it for me. --Happyazngirl 05:46, 12 April 2012 (UTC)

Sorry Platipus,i forgot to do that.Anyway,do you like how i edited your story?

iWant Sex

Hey Platypus, I'm new to choose your own adventures, and I really can't figure out anything to write about. However, I read your iWant Sex story, and I got many ways it could keep going. What I guess I'm saying, is this: would you mind if I added to iWant Sex? Bight99

I'd like to thank you on the advice. I read most of the stuff on creating/editing posts. And I wasn't sure what categories meant, so I skipped adding it on my CYOA. Thank you, as in my first stages of this creation any help at all I appreciate. I'm still not sure if I did the right thing, but nevertheless, THANK YOU. :)

The Neighbors

Hey, Platypus, I got your message about leaving a subject, or whatever, but I don't know how to do that. Could you show me exactly how to do what you said?



Sorry... I just had an idea bubble up... I'll try to allocate at least an hour or two for you to push the story in a direction you like from now on. -- Teejay


Thanks for the heads up Platypus. I need to remember to add the title. xD

          -- Ghengar

Name of wiki changed

More info here:


Thanks for the heads up about including the titles, I'll be sure to do that from now on. You might be able to see through my edit history (on pokesex) my many, many failed attempts at fixing the previous pages. How should I go about it?

Okay sorry, I will be posting complete pages from now on. It was my first time editing, so I wasn't sure how things worked. -Thisisme

Uncategorized pages

Sorry, this is my first story, and I down really know all about how to categorize pages besides putting category at the bottom-abcdefg

Uncategorized pages

I don't know how to categorise stories either. Sorry! That's ok if you edit or delete the page that you think is not correctly written! --Lovetoread

Thanks Platypus!! Now I know how to categorise! ^_^

Uh...Plat..can you please tell me which pages I should categorize? I'm sure that every page has been categorized...If the gamebook is Elements of the Earth, can you leave it in the abandoned stories? I'll get back to it later.

--Timewalker 06:18, 30 September 2012 (UTC)

Story titles in page titles

I disagree with your assertion that I should avoid using good page and link structure simply because other authors are not using them. These structure guidelines are outlined on the main page under the heading "Instructions" subheading "How to add a page". Do you feel that it is more important to keep page titles consistent even if they are equally readable, or that we should avoid the possibility of stepping on other stories?

--Lord Crontab


You gave me like a 1st warning but I dont know how to change it in my story????????

-- Fish

Ya sorry about that I was a little drunk when writing that.--Yihman1 18:06, 1 January 2013 (UTC)

what happens on my third warning or after?

You have given me two warning for something that I dont know how to fix. So what happens after the third warning?

Adding stories to the front page

What are the requirements to get a story added to the front page? It seems like the overwhelming amount of author focus goes in to the stories that are linked in the main page (and, yes, I know the causality there is a bit blurred), but would it be possible to add my story "An Evil Witch in the Modern World" to the front page? It is 35+ pages so far in the course of the last week, and I'm still adding more. However, I don't see it crossing the 100 or 200 mark that seems to the threshold to getting to the front page, and I don't think it gets the views or additions from others to get to that point without the being on the front page. It seems like a bit of a cycle that only cements a few legacy stories in their place there.--Holvard 16:06, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

Is there any kind of guideline as to how a story gets added to the front page? Which story was the most recent to get added? --Holvard 16:31, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

I have a question / suggestion for you. Would it at all be possible to make a change to the Rampage Victims page? The change I have in mind is so that you can sort the names in order of most to least pages as the victim. There is about 175 names, most of them are just names with less than 5 pages. So a popular character like Kaya or Jessica would be near the top of the list, and charecters that have only 1 page would be the bottom.

There may be some characters with around 10 or so pages that get neglected by readers and writers because the list is full of unwritten characters.

Another possible alternative would be to make it so characters with less than 5 total pages not be shown on that list. I'm just looking to trim the fat here. (to get to the meat)

--Yihman1 23:37, 8 January 2013 (UTC)

lol feel free to change the word Musky to something better if you want. I was having trouble finding the right word.--Yihman1 16:54, 27 January 2013 (UTC)

I have noticed lately a huge amount of lag. A little bit of lag like 5-10 seconds is not that bad. However I'm talking like about a minute of wait time between pages. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? --Yihman1 14:44, 7 February 2013 (UTC)


Hey man im Loiblui. The guy thats working on one of your stories that got sent to the Abandonded pit. I started working on Percy Jacksons beginning. How do you like it so far? Tell me what I should add. It's all your choice.

What is causing the lag fluctuation? Like two weeks ago for about a week the lag was almost completely gone. Page load time was about 2-3 seconds. That's great. Then for about a week page load time went to 30-60 seconds if at all. Now it's back to loading quickly again. Is it fixed for good now?--Yihman1 20:47, 11 August 2013 (UTC)

I'm a little frustrated.

No offence or anything but this site it VERY unproductive and confusing, I've read your "how to" page a billion times and yet when I follow the rules I receive an email scolding me. Instead of telling me off, perhaps send me a link that could lead me to where I need to go, instead? Or maybe make this site a little easier for people like me. I'm not complaining, I'm just a little upset that instead of choosing to assist you tell me off.

You're not helping.

I appreciate your messages and even though you're not helping me at all I will try my best to continue trying. Even if I DID read your tutorial page and even searched up a Youtube tutorial, now I shouldn't be having a go (which I'm not) at you for this, but It's becoming very frustrating for me, all I want to do is make a "create your own adventure" and you are not helping, an administrator is supposed to supply help when needed and I have made it clear that I need help, I would love a link to where this page is and I would be very happy if you perhaps took the time to explain to me, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I know I am annoying the hell out of you, but truthfully where both tugging on different ends of the same rope, I would really appreciate it if you tried to truly help me, instead of telling me what I am doing wrong, why not (as I mention TWICE) send me a link. Thank you for your time.

Agreed...some of us are new to this!

I've received your messages and have done my best to address your criticisms. I received a second warning just now and a deletion threat. Between that and the Nazi remarks I'm hardly feeling warm and fuzzy about all of this. I thought I'd try to add to a story I thought promising. I had no malicious intent, and did not seek to do harm. Please, be patient.

Further, I genuinely had no compelling idea how to respond to your messages. I don't know how these things work. I took a shot at responding here, as I lacked the technical savvy to "Add new comments below. Do not add new comments to the archives."

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