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I am an active writer, I am new to this, so all my stories are short so far. Here are my current works. Bold words indicate an already written aspect. Italic words indicate plans.

Creating Chaos- Story of chaos spirit wreaking havoc on a community in every way possible. TAGS: Possession, incest, forced, old/young, innocent Magic, mind-control, celebrities, bestiality

Fallout 0- Takes place in Fallout Universe. Explore the Wasteland, or enjoy the comforts of a Vault TAGS: Wasteland, Sex Crazed Bestiality

Fallout 4- Takes place in the Fallout 4 world, except with sexy additions.

Heroes of Olympus- Join the demigods for a very different type of quest. TAGS: Heroes of Olympus, Mythology

Medieval Adventures- Enter into the world of Oshnot and choose your trade. Will you be a knight or treasure hunter, farmer or king? TAGS: Medieval, incest

Plane Crash- What happens when a you and a plane full of sexy relatives crash on a remote island? TAGS: Incest, innocent, forced

Sex World- Enter into the once-in-a-lifetime chance to test the best brothel ever, including movie stars and fictional characters.

Time Sex- Gain the power over time. Go forward, back, fuck people all through time. TAGS: Doctor Who, Time Travel

Your Kingdom- It's your kingdom, and yours to rule. Recruit a harem, find a queen, and defend your kingdom.

I am always open to new ideas for branches to stories or completely new stories, just leave a message on my page.

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