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Smutty favourites (female POV)

Smutty favourites (male POV)

Rampage favourites

Reluctant Maid

Reluctant Maid (TBD) See writer's instruction (on the RM main page, TBD) for my plans for this project.

I did an "introductory" page. Hopefully it inspires you to do a few pages, as I would feel much more confident about doing my own work on this story once I get a sense of where you want it to head. -- Teejay

That's great. I'll have to see when and if I get back to this story. Anedwcan 08:54, 17 March 2012 (UTC)

Temporary Jobs of Smutty

Take a temporary job. See the talk page.


Fertile Forest Encounter: FFE/Introduction User:Anedwcan/FFE

Test: User:Anedwcan/test

Seashell Bay: User:Anedwcan/SB-outline (a story idea I realized can't be done using simple wiki pages)

Extended Pool Scene: XPS/Introduction

Nikki "Nipples" Nicastro: User:Anedwcan/Nipples

User:Anedwcan/Modelling Woes

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