Use what's in the hidden box(SLBC)

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You quickly open the box and take out the contents before putting them on the stockings and thong were easy to put on but struggled a little with the corset you eventually working out that it hooks at the front before turning it around, the shoes are a little tight but you squeeze them on then make sure everything is how you left it before going back around to see Mr Davis.

You knock on the door and hear his voice "Enter." As he opens the door the smell hits you again as you step inside he takes the coat off of you "Great choice Stevie looks like it could be your mom's bridal lingerie." You realize he's right but you're too light headed again to worry about it he gently guides you into the den and hands you a joint. "Here this will calm you down and get you nicely relaxed." You take a long drag and again it fogs you up. "Okay Stevie time to suck some cock again." You find yourself on your hands and knees a black cock inches from your face. "Slower this time just use your mouth." You do as he asks and you're soon sucking his cock again you feel hands on the back of your head push you down his cock a little at a time.

"Shit Leroy, you were right he does have a sweet little mouth." You try to pull away and feel someone grab you by the hips and your mouth his pulled off of the cock you’re sucking.

"Calm down Stevie, you remember Doug you must have passed his van." You remember now in your rush you had gone right past it. "Well he was invited you remember he just had to pick up some stuff for us." Yes you do remember. "Do you think your mom as ever taken on two guys at once?"

"No." Is your honest answer you don't think she's done anything risqué.

"Well just go back to sucking Doug's cock and by the end of the night, you will be better than her at fucking and sucking." The thought of being better at something than your mom has you excited and you resume sucking Doug's cock, you feel the panties you are wearing pulled off and you jump a little when something cold lands on your ass hole. "Okay Stevie relax now." you feel relaxed the effect of the weed helping, you feel something pushing into your ass and you start to tighten your ass just after the head of Mr Davis's cock slips in. "Not yet Stevie stay relaxed for the time being." You try to stay as relaxed as possible as he pushes more of his cock into your ass, it isn't long before you feel his pubic hair tickling your ass cheeks as he stops and waits.

You had stopped sucking Doug's cock while you were being penetrated by Mr Davis's cock and Doug gently pushes the back of your head down on his cock a few times before you start to suck on his cock again, while Mr Davis starts to fuck your ass harder, your head is in a blur as from the two black cocks assaulting your body, you feel Mr Davis pull out of your ass and walk around you as Doug pulls out of your mouth. Mr Davis pulls off the condom he was wearing and feeds his cock into your mouth he's not gentle this time and pushes your mouth all the way down on his cock before unleashing a load of cum into your throat as you black out.

Do you?

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