Unlimited Power

From Create Your Own Story

Disclaimer: In the following story, you play the part of an unnamed high school student with the power to control people. This story is fiction, and deals with extreme situations. Much of this story could be classified as “Hard Core” and may be triggering. It goes without saying that you should never try any of the things in this story, most of which are monstrous. All characters in this story are considered to be 18 or over, there are lines I will not cross even in fiction. This work is for entertainment purposes only, I repeat don’t try this shit you sicko, this is just a story.

Prologue: Your day Begins

You wake from a strange dream. Swirls of sleep move around in your head. You rub your eyes wondering what the dream was about. Was it a nightmare? There was an old man, some stones, and something else?

You suddenly realize, you have an ability you didn’t have before. You can control people, their physical bodies, and their minds. You for some reason don’t question this. It’s now just a point of fact, You have Unlimited Power over those around you. Now it’s time try it out. Who should be your first victim?

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