University Daze

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You must be dreaming. Dreaming of hen fap ...

It is a dream. It has to be. The last thing you remember is being on the bus, heading to State University. There is no way that this place is the bus. You aren't sure if you are actually seeing anything or if the strange, colorful lights before you are figments of your imagination. It feels as if your six-foot, thin frame, wracked by disease, is being suspended in space by some invisible force.

Out of the void comes the Voice.

"Focus. There isn't much time."

That voice... you've definitely heard it before, many times... but where? Without allowing you to gather your wits, it continues.

"We've only got a matter of seconds. This is going to sound farfetched, but you must listen to me. I am the future you. The research I've been working on for the last six years at State U has finally led me to this one chance. I know you've always wished you could be someone else... anyone else. All the ridicule and teasing would be over. No one would judge you by your revolting facial disfiguration. No one would ever know about your other horrible physical deformities. I know you've always wanted this because I am you. I have been working for six years to be able to go back to this day and give you this chance... This one chance to forever change your destiny. This chance to be whoever you want to be for the rest of your life."

How can this be true? How can you be speaking to yourself? Then again, how can the strange world of colors be real? At worst, this is some kind of bizarre dream. At best... perhaps you are being given a chance to change your future for the better.

"Our time is almost up. In a moment you will make a choice and I will be destroyed. Don't hesitate. I want to die. I must kill this self so that you - or rather, my old self - can make a change. You can be someone better! But I can't choose for you. The program is designed to give you three random choices. You'll have to decide... without me to help you."

Your mind is reeling. Can this be happening? It seems more real now than ever. I don't have to be the deformed weirdo that I've always been? I might not have to deal with all the physical and emotional pain of being a disgusting creature that people never willingly choose to look at? Might I have the chance to someday be loved?

The Voice becomes more urgent:

"Listen, we're out of time. You'll see three choices in your mind's eye. Pick one. Don't ever look back. It's my gift to you. Live well... live the life that I could not."

With that, you are left in an eerie silence. A set of shapes begin to materialize in front of you. Letters. Words. Your choices! Wait....God! Could this be real?

You realize you must pick one. But which? How can you be asked to make such a choice? Remember, you'll have to live with the results for the rest of your life.

Do you:

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