United 5491

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7:23 AM PST

You are alone, in a cheap twin-size bed at the airport hotel, waking up from what must have been the worst night's sleep in your life. You get up, feeling the scratch of the inexpensive carpeting on the soles of your feet.

Disoriented, you stumble to the bathroom, where you see your luggage open, with clothes strewn all over the bathtub. There is a red lace bra in the sink... that's odd, out-of-character even. You must have fucked someone last night.

You try to remember what happened... something with the airline company, right? Yes. Your flight was late, comically late. The plane didn't come in until 11PM, and it needed repairs. The company "graciously" agreed to put you up in this shithole for the night while they flew in a new plastic light cover for the No Smoking placard in row 22. Hey... at least you had the common sense to leave a day before the event.

You start to brush your teeth and get dressed, but you can't help thinking about how the bra got in your room. You consider finding its owner, but first you pack up your clothes and get ready to fly. Your plane could leave any minute...

7:25 AM PST

The buzzing of your smartphone tells you that your flight is leaving at 7PM tonight. Fuck. Ten whole hours in this hotel?

What do you do?

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