Unholy Warcry

From Create Your Own Story

Most adventures start at a tavern. It's where diverse people of different races can meet and talk. You're adventure, however, begins with you doing the most ordinary thing of all.


You're on a boat, attempting to reach new parts of the world. There had been some rumors that the World's Edge was a myth. You and about 400 other brave men and lads, ranging from tall to short and old to young and lanky to round, travel across the sea, the choppy blue waves splashing against the wooden hull of the Crusader. You don't mind the rocking too much. While repetitive and boring, it doesn't make you sick like some of the other passengers.

As you're thinking, the yell of a man above you—you subconsciously determine it's the lookout—doesn't slice through your thoughts, but does stand out among the other background noise.

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