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Welcome to Uncharted. Feel free to use the Category page below if you remember the choice you left off at. This story is pretty big and I'm sure you don't want to start off at level 1 every single time. You do have health and it will fluctuate but fret not, there will be moments to heal later in the story. The levels do matter and levels indicate a saga done. Since I am working on the story, I cannot tell you how many levels there is but I will edit this, when it is done. The "MP" in this game will be "Asuyi", and I will refer to it as "Asuyi (MP)" so that no one is confused. What is it for? Well, you'll find out as you play.

For the best experience, play this honestly. Try not to use the back button. See what your first choices will land you. If you die, then sure, use the back button or start over. But I can't control you obviously. You may want to see every choice and make the best one. Your call. I've made this story in such a way that death is either by surprise or by deliberate choice. What's the goal of this adventure? Well, that is something you must figure out. If you play honestly, your journey may be different and therefore the goals different. So thank you for trying, please don't edit the pages and good luck. You will need it.

December 2nd, 2017

Getting off your stiff board of a bed, you look out the window. You place your palm on the window sill, giving you a chill. The snow makes it hard to see, but you can tell it's morning, just like any other. You could make out a few parked cars, and a couple of heavily clothed people walking up and down the street. With a quick stretch, you look back over at your computer. "324" You grumble. Your subscriber count doesn't look like it grew. But you're patient. You have to be patient. You groan, knowing that you have a lot of work to do, but you've been working hard and have gotten ahead quite considerably. It's a new day, burning daylight (what little of it actually is making it to Earth because it is fucking cold), and you have many options.

Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:


MP 0
Level 1
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