Under a Spell

From Create Your Own Story

You smile to yourself as your look out around you and see the bustling capital city. The crowds of people all unsuspecting of your plans for them. You hail from the nearby woods. Your father is a lonely wizard who found you as a baby abandoned in those woods. He raised you to be a leader and to take the throne away from the king like he had tried to do many years ago. He even went as far as teaching you a mind control spell. One where, when cast on a person, would forever make them your faithful servant. Now you are here to use that spell and take the kingdom from under the king's nose.

You look around for your first victim and notice a royal guardsman walking around in full plated armor. He looked big and his guard status could help get into higher places in the kingdom faster. You look around some more and see a cloaked figure duck into an ally way. If he's a theif he could help you break into anywhere at any time and obtain more followers. Also no one would miss him if you started controlling him. So who do you want to follow?

The Guardsman

The Thief

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