Ultimatum Stories: Lucas

From Create Your Own Story

You're a pretty average boy. Nothing about you really sticks out. On the surface at least. Deep down...you're sad. How come? Simple, your mother. Your mother passed away not too long ago, and you're still trying to get over it. This has caused you to change. You became, to put it lightly, a loner. Even on your 18th birthday, you opted to stay in your room the entire time rather than do any conversing, not like you had any, to begin with, you didn't invite any friends over. Your brother, Claus, has tried to get you out of your mood, but nothing helped. But school is almost over. You don't have much time left, only one month. What should you do with that month? Well, that's up to you. Continue down your lonely path, or open up and become a better person. There are plenty of other options out there in the vast city of Ultimatum. Your journey through it...is just beginning. You are Lucas, the boy from nowhere....let's begin.

Wake up

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