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This is an idea from Chyoo 2.0 although it's a lot different from that one.

Welcome to Ultimate Fantasy labs and we are here to help you get your ultimate fantasy in the celebrity. We are a VR company who allows you to step into a world that you know and love from TV, Movie, Cartoons, Novel as well as crossover from all of those and even allow you to have a world of celebrities where they want you. The program will run as if you are in a real world and the set up will allow you to be in here for as long as you wish, giving you everything that you need to stay alive.

However to find your ideal world we do need to get through a few questions first and then you can have as much fun as you wish and do whatever. Please be careful as this program won't make those worlds easy to be in, simply gives you a chance to be in them and possibly have a lot of fun with your favorite characters and celebrities.

Are you a male or a female?

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