UNDERTALE: Surface Life

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1) Please use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

2) No sex or violence is allowed. You may use foul language, but please keep it moderate.

3) No OOC (Out Of Character) contributions. Make sure the characters match their personalities.

4) You are playing as Frisk Dreemurr. No other POVs.

5) Frisk and Chara will be portrayed as female. Remember to use she/ her/ hers pronouns.

OC (Original Character) Rules:

1) Absolutely NO love interests. You may ship two OCs, but no shipping OCs with anyone in Undertale.

2) No monster OCs. Humans only.

3) Your OCs must be FULLY human. No magic of any sorts, no half human/ half monster.

4) Your OCs cannot have previous (positive) affiliation with any member of Undertale. All friendships must be made in the story.

5) No Mary Sues (perfect characters). OCs have flaws. Make them interesting.

Any contributions that fail to meet this criteria will be deleted.

That being said, I hope you enjoy reading and writing this story. Have fun!

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