UG/Kick Mr. Birch in the gonads

From Create Your Own Story

You try to kick Mr. Birch in the nuts but with your shorts pulled down to your ankles you trip and fall over. Mr Birch is not happy with what you tried "that's a bad girl you know I'll have to punish you" Mr Birch takes out a pair of scissors "I was going to let you keep your clothes but now" he slips the scissors by your ankles cutting them off. He then slides them up one of your sleeves and starts cutting your shirt open. You twitch and moan through the gag begging him to stop "now now you need to be punished hold still or you'll get hurt" he keeps cutting throwing the tatters that used to be your shirt away he then slides them into your bra cutting them open and cuts the straps off. He then slides them into your panties cutting them off revealing your small patch of pubic hair. "Mmm that's nice" he grabs your pubic hair and pulls.

"Mmphf mphf plf" you moan through the gag.

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