UG/Devalue the photos he has now by sending even more revealing photos elsewhere

From Create Your Own Story

Now this is an even deeper problem to take care of. If you go to his house, you are afraid he'll want to have sex, which you are not at all prepared to deal with. If you send him more photos, he'll just have more fodder to control you with, even though you've come to like exposing yourself through photos. If you ignore it, everyone will think you are a slut going after the most popular boy by sending him photos.

You remember in your economy class your teacher talking about devaluation of currency and inflation and it hits you: you could devalue the photos you sent to Jake by just creating more and more naked photos of yourself. Then they won't be all that special anymore!

You think again about how good you felt getting naked and the thrill of exposing yourself to people who you typically wouldn't. It was quite a rush and you went back into the bathroom to take a couple more, without covering your vagina, some bending over. You play around a little, biting your lip, sticking your finger in your mouth and making pouting-lip faces. You get about thirty photos on your iPhone and start sending them individually to other boys and guys you know in your contacts list.

You realize a little later you may have gotten a little carried away with sending the photos, as the excitement made you forget who all the names in your contacts actually belonged to. It turns out your brother got one, your father got one, and your teacher, Mr. Birch, got one.

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