UG/14/Start stripping for Jake

From Create Your Own Story

You throw up your hands "no please Jake I'll do it ok please don't" you beg

Jake puts his phone down "ok start stripping"

You nod you pull your shirt off and then your shorts. You standing in front of him in just your underwear, a modest set the panties white with cutesy cartoons on them and your bra a simple white one, and your shoes. "Ok happy?"

"Cute underwear" Jake teases "ok loose them"

You nod "ok just give me a minute" you undo your bra take one last deep breath and yank your panties down revealing a small patch of pubic hair.

Jake eyes you over "mmm you do look fine. You're sexy"

You blush noticing the bulge in Jake's pants. "Thanks, ok you saw me naked please delete the pic I don't want to have it hanging over my head"

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