Turn around, try to find clothes.

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This represents a fantasy, and not any actual situation or insinuation against law enforcement.

Status: Naked & Humiliated

You turn around quickly, and bury your head in the box, rifling through it noisily.

The woman huffs, and turns away. "Okay then, don't say I didn't warn you."

She paces as you go through the box, and after a few minutes, she opens a box, and pulls out some clothes. "Here, put these one, I don't have all day."

You squeeze into a tube top 3 sizes too small, and fall into men's pants 5 sizes too big.

She starts to open the door, and you ask for a belt.

She snorts. "You can't bring a belt into holding. Come on, you've wasted enough of my day off as it is."

As you're marched through the station, you have to hold up the pants with one hand, and you nearly trip several times over the legs which are too long.

You sign forms, get fingerprinted, and make a statement, before being escorted to a cell with about 15 other women. They hoot, holler, and crowd around you, as the door is slammed shut. You find yourself being nudged to the center of the cell.

"They say you like to go around naked, darling," one woman says.

"Those clothes look real uncomfortable," says another.

One grabs you free hand by the wrist, saying, "Let's help you out."

From behind you, someone pulls down your tube top, causing your breasts to explode out. You gasp as your other hand instinctually goes to cover your breasts, allowing your pants to fall to the ground. Before you can grab them, you are yanked away.

Before you know what's happening, hands are all over you, and you are lifted from the ground, as your legs are separated. Before you can shout, your face is pressed into an open, wet cunt, smothering you. All over you body, and inside you, you feel hands, lips, tongues, teeth. Your fingers are pressed into pussies.

Women switch positions on you multiple times, and after a daze of sex, you are dropped to the ground, and and allowed to rest. You're asleep when your name is called, and you are helped to your feet but the women in the cell. You are wearing your clothes again, you realize, as you walk out.

The female officer tells you that no one is pressing charges, so you're free to go. You say nothing about being raped because you're a retard.

You get home as the sky is darkening, pull your spare key out of the mail box, and step inside, throwing the clothes on the ground, and heading straight for the shower.

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