Trying to Wake Up

From Create Your Own Story

You look around your groggy school classroom and wonder when the bell is going to ring. Looking at the clock, you try to see how many minutes you have left. Strangely, you can't quite make out what it says; the hands seem blurry. You really need to catch up on your sleep.

Then you look down to your desk. There is a white paper laid out...A test?!

Oh man! That was today?! Ah, crap, and you didn't study either! You were up all night fiddling around on the internet!

Okay, don't panic, maybe you'll remember some of this if you just read the first sentence a few times. But you can't read the words on the paper; they seem blurry. What the- ? Are you really that tired, or did you forget your glasses? Do you even wear glasses?!

You look around to see if your nearby friend can help you, but... All the students are dogs.

And a swooping realization comes over you. This is all a dream! You sigh in relief and pet the nearest friendly canine, then stand up from your cramped chair. Well, if this is all a dream, then you'd better wake up soon. So far, it's not a very exciting dream anyways.

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