Trust No One

From Create Your Own Story

You awaken to find yourself strapped in a chair, both arms and legs tied to it with belt straps. You lift up your head to see a table in front of you and on the other end is a dark shadow, sitting still as if unconscious. "Where am I?", you wonder to yourself. A bright light immediately clicks on. You stare up to it while trying to escape the chair it's no use. "Hello,is anyone there?!", you look down to the once-was dark shadow to see an unconscious woman. She's dressed up just like you, a prisoner, wearing an overall black jumpsuit with what seems to be a metal collar around her neck. "Hey, wake up!", you screamed hoping to awaken the sleeping girl. In response you hear a mysterious voice through a speaker to the left of you.

"Well hello there, it's seems that you're awake. We can finally start the party."

The girl opposite to you starts to wake up in a state of daze. You hastily try to get her attention but is cut off by the voice resonating through the speakers. The girls comes to and realizes the situation as well.

"What's going on?", she asked you. You're so terrified by the situation that you mumble trying to explain.

"OK, let me explain the rules of this game. You two are going to compete in a set of three games which will dreadfully decide your fate. Since you woke up first, I'll leave it you to decide what games we play first."

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