Trey fuck Jacob

From Create Your Own Story

"I'm gonna fuck your sissy ass tonight. You're gonna look this dick like it your breathing air Jacob." He put a sock on the apartment door which mean that one of you had a girl over. Jacob caught Trey having sex with his on and off girlfriend Tillie which cause the rule in the first place. Jacob was not willing to let Trey fuck you. Trey came back "Jacob are you ready for my king snake." He unzip his pants to let Jacob see his black long cut cock. It's was 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. "Now I can come over there and force your little mouth on my cock or you can come up and submit." Jacob weren't movin. Trey got up and pull off your sister lingerie. He bursted out laughing "Hah what that?" He was pointing at Jacob 2 penis. "My dick" he mutter quietly. Trey touch Jacob petite ass. His long fingers was touching Jacob asshole. Jacob couldn't believe how good it felt. He was fighting a moan back.

Don't moan(still moan because of the pleasure)

Moan enjoy it

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