Tres Coetus Coloris

From Create Your Own Story

When you met Claudia, you never thought that drowning blonde at the beach was an angel that only you could see! She explained to you that she was stopping a demon from hurting another angel and they both fell from heaven as a result.

She followed and lived with you since that day. And then one fateful Saturday occured, your parents weren't home, and kicking down your door was that demon. He chased you and Claudia around the house wielding a chainsaw. He cornered the two of you outside at the edge of the pond. As soon as he swung down the loud weapon of Claudia head, your memory skipped to Iris appearing.

Iris, an albino woman with wings who claimed to be the angel of rainbows.

"Hello everybody! Wow an amazing fight must have happened here!" She introduced herself as she tied up a badly bruised demon and sat him on the ground with the two of you.

"Now let's get to business! Heaven needs as many extraordinary people as we possibly can! If you have basic knowledge of religion, you’d know about the battle of heaven and hell. Usually it had been angels and demons against on another, but now times have changed. Both places have grown tired of the endless fighting. So one day angels descended from heaven to finally end the conflict once and for commencing the rapture with the help of the demons. In order to start the war, they have to get rid of the nymphs, female deities who protect the earth with their immortal lives. If these spirit were unable to perform their tasks then.... The world will crumble."

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