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April 9th, 1759

Tobias wakes up on the shoulder of a man who is unknown to him. His skin is a color. Tobias has never seen before: his skin is white. He’s quickly frightened with questions running through his head: “Where is my mother?” “Who is this man?” “Where is he taking me?” Tobias looks ahead and it seems he is being brought aboard a ship with many other people. Some are them being put on the boat by force. Tobias sees people getting whipped and people getting beaten up and all by these people with the same color skin. He calmly asks the white man if he can go home in his language. He ignores him. Tobias repeats himself. Nothing. In fear, Tobias yells the question at him and the white man just yells back saying, “Shut Up!” and keeps walking. Tobias quickly panics as he sees the man is taking him away from his home and he struggles and struggles. All he does is restrains Tobias and brings him on the ship. He brings him down in the cellar and the smell is horrible and it upsets him.

Struggle: attempt to run back where you came

Cry: accept it

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