Tiragarde Keep (M L): Your ship arrives in Duotar...

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A shout awakens you from your slumber, though you're not sure what was shouted. Opening your eyes, you roll out of your hammock, nursing an arm you slept on wrong. The middle deck has become a place of frenzied activity: marines are hurriedly donning their armor while sailors straighten their uniforms. Listening to their excited voices, you can make out one word that seems to be on everyone's lips: land. Your voyage, it seems, is over at last. Reaching down, you quickly unlatch your footlocker and pull out your armor, the silver of well-polished metal looking fine indeed next to the moss-green of Kul Tiras. Your tabard goes on over your breastplate, its golden anchor insignia displayed proudly. At last, you don your sword belt and slip you arm into your shield.

Now fully armored, you ascend the steep stairs to the topdeck. Many of the other marines are already standing at attention within their companies; you scan the deck, then quickly fall into place at the front of Third Company. Sergeant Willins, cutlass in hand and belly protruding far over his belt, stands proudly in front of you, looking as pompous and unpleasant as ever; you wonder how on all Azeroth he got himself promoted. Behind him, over the ship's rail, you see only open water for a moment. But as the ships move on, land at last comes into view for those denied the benefit of the crow's nest. You aren't sure what you expected Durotar to look like, but it seems to be a nightmare wasteland; beyond the pale sands of the beach lies a vast expanse of burnt orange dust and rocks, occasionally interspersed with pathetic shrubs and twisted trees. Kul Tiras isn't half as beautiful as Lordaeron, but this place makes it look like paradise.

"Officer on deck!" The shout prompts everyone, marine and sailor alike, to quickly and smartly salute. A man walks out from the captain's cabin, his head bald but a well-trimmed beard upon his face. His shoulders are broad, his stance strong, and he bears the colors of Kul Tiras with pride. You know him to be Lieutenant Benedict, right hand to Admiral Proudmoore and the commander for the reclaiming of Tiragarde Keep. He walks to the front of the assembled crew, then moves down the line, staring into the face of each soldier in turn. His gaze is fiery and filled with passion, and when his eyes meet yours you feel some of that fire leap into your own body, screaming for the blood of those who slew your predecessors. At last he turns, walks to the rail, and steps up onto it before halting.

"Soldiers and sailors of Kul Tiras, you know why we're here. We're here to take back what's rightfully ours, and to be paid in blood for the blood of our comrades. We've all heard of the Orcs; most of us have seen them, and some have fought them. We all know that they're savage brutes, obsessed with war and conquest. There will be no peace while they infest Azeroth. Remember the First War, and the Second; should we fail here, should we allow them to grow so strong again, history will repeat itself. Humanity has suffered grievous blows of late, and we are the best chance to restore our people's hope, and our pride. We will cull this green-skinned menace, and any who would join them, from the face of the world, and in so doing, we will show that Humans are strong yet!"

Benedict's speech is greeted by a deafening chorus of cheers, and you have to admit, he's a good speaker. A rowboat is lowered, and the Lieutenant and his aides quickly enter it; they must be the first to touch the shores of this new continent upon which so much will be decided. First company lowers their boats; there's only enough for one company at a time, so this will take a while. You suppress a groan as Sergeant Willins turns around to address the soldiers subjected to his command; unfortunately, he'll have plenty of time. "Third Company, we've been assigned to the southern edge of the keep, which is likely the most dangerous; Lieutenant Benedict recognizes my skill as a commander. Now, I won't have any of you causing problems for MY company. Don't think I won't have you whipped if you endanger the promotion I so richly deserve."

It's not smart, but you're sorely, sorely tempted to say something witty to take him down a peg; the man is completely intolerable, and you've had about enough.

Do you:

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