Tiragarde Keep (M L): Look for a sparring partner?

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You decide a little sparring would do you good; pompous Sergeant Willins can wait. Swinging out of your hammock, you walk past the various sailors and marines relaxing on the middle deck and ascend the steep stairs to the topdeck, carefully ducking your head to save it from a violent encounter with the low doorframe. The sun is almost at its zenith, and with it beating down on you it's even more stifling hot than it was belowdecks. Still, there's a good breeze in the Blaze of Glory's sails, and it washes over you as well, refreshing you somewhat. Sailors are everywhere, climbing in the rigging, mending sails, and casting nets into the water; in the Kul Tirasian navy, it's considered bad form to eat rations if you can catch enough fish to support your crew.

Leaning on the starboard rail and staring out into the sea spray is the grizzled, scarred veteran you know as Master Sergeant Pavel. You've got a lot of respect for the man; he was aboard the ship that rescued you from the shores of Lordaeron, and his professional conduct and well-told tales of his long years of service contributed hugely to your decision to join the marines. He served in all three wars, and is one of the few aboard the ship who has actually been to Kalimdor before, though only briefly. You're sure that you could learn a lot by sparring with him, and probably earn a few bruises as well; he's know as one of the best swordsmen in the service, even if he is getting a little old.

A little ways down the deck, a young woman with tanned skin and long, lustrous brown hair is practicing on a wooden pole with her cutlass. After a moment, you remember her as Ensign Capra, a newly-commissioned navy officer; it's her first voyage as well, from what you've heard. Though you've not met her, she is, by all reports, friendly and outgoing, as well as determined to prove herself as an officer. Her technique lacks the finesse of a experienced swordsman, but she puts enough energy and zeal into each strike that you're pretty sure she'd do fine in a real battle. Whether or not you'd learn anything against her you can't say, but it would make for a good fight, and you can't help but notice that she's very, very pretty.

At the back of the ship, just below the wheel, two male sailors and a female marine are playing a game of cards; you only just spotted them because they've hidden themselves behind a stack of crates. You'd guess they're wagering money, which isn't allowed under the strict code of discipline aboard Kul Tirasian ships. Then again, you're heading into hostile territory, and it's not a bad idea to have a little extra money; you have to buy from the quartermaster any supplies you're not issued, and that's usually a luxury only officers can afford. There's the risk that you might lose the little store of money you've already been paid, which is all you've got, but you know the players fairly well, and they're not very good.

It crosses your mind that you could turn them in to an officer, but nobody likes or trusts a snitch, officers included, so you'd be better off either playing or leaving them alone.

Do you:

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