Tiragarde Keep (M L): Go turn in your forms to Sergeant Willins?

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Willins isn't a likable person, and enforces discipline mostly because he enjoys having power over others; making him wait would give him an excuse to discipline you, and that's not something you want before you even land on Kalimdor. You swing yourself out of your hammock and walk through the darkened middle deck, passing various off-duty sailors and marines talking in low voices or trying to catch up on sleep. As the commander of third company, Willins has his own cabin toward the front of the ship; by the time you're halfway there, you can already hear shouting, and you know that something's going on that you probably don't want to get involved in. But you have to get your forms to Willins soon, so you keep going.

The cabin door is ajar, and three people stand in the gaudily-furnished room beyond. One of them is Willins himself; he looks flustered, hands rubbing one another agitatedly on top of his potbelly. Though normally loud and obnoxious, he doesn't seem to be able to get a word in edgewise. On his right is Jayli, the ship's mage. A raven-haired beauty wrapped in a cloak of mystery, her face, normally occupied by a seductive smile, is contorted into a look of rage and frustration. She's yelling insults at Ensign Garth, a sailor a little younger than you, who is doing his best to defend himself while remaining civil; he doesn't want to insult a superior officer, though he clearly is just as angry as Jayli.

"You clumsy, clumsy imbecile! You could've blown us all to bits! What by the Light were you thinking?" She's practically spitting, and looks like she would like to slap Garth and is barely restraining herself from doing so. "With all due respect, madam," the young officer begins, but he's cut off. "That powder isn't snuff, or somesuch! A pinch of it and this ship could be driftwood!" Still trying to keep his calm as much as possible, Garth replies again. "As I've been trying to tell you, madam, the gunnery sergeant sent me to..." Jayli cuts him off again. "I could care less about what the Gunnery Sergeant told you! Check with me first, you moron!" Finally losing his cool completely, Garth shouts back in her face. "See here, madam! I was told to get the powder, so I went and got it. No one was harmed!"

They stare into each other's faces, both of them incredibly angry; just then Sergeant Willins notices you and, looking relieved, speaks. "Private! Report!" You stand at attention and salute; he looks like he would take any excuse to get out of the room, including having you flogged for improper protocol. "Delivering my forms, sir," you tell him. "It's about damn time," he says, likely referring to both the interruption and your delivery. You're about to hand the papers over to him when Garth turns to you. "Could you please help me talk some sense into this woman? I was trying to carry out my orders efficiently, as requested, and I..." "Talk sense into me?" Jayli explodes, her lovely features contorting further. "This man could've killed us all with his 'efficiency'."

Do you:

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