The new Chief of one of most powerful clans

From Create Your Own Story

Don't let the title go to your head. Your clan might be one of the most powerful, but that's not saying much. The village isn't bigger than a tiny meadow, with maybe a hundred people or so living in it. As chief, your roundhouse is a bit bigger, your weapons a bit deadlier and your moustache a bit thicker; but it's mainly a title.

However, it's a title of respect! Your ancestors forged your clan through millenias of conquest, and your fur-clad band of savages will always look to you for glory and plunder. Your weapons strike fear into the tinier villages of Normania, and the gods favor you over the other false chiefs who dare claim your lands (or at least the local shaman says so).

It's a bleak morning when you sit on your fur throne, trying to figure out just what to do with yourself. For once; there's peace amongst your people, and while you should be rejoicing you can't help but think it's too boring. Part of you wants to embark on a grand adventure, like your noble ancestors did; when they braved the dark corners of the world, finding new places and uncovering immense treasures. Another part of you wouldn't mind expanding your empire; maybe by forging alliances with other tribes (or brutally invading them).

Of course, you could always just relax at home and fuck one of your clan members. Nobody'd blame you; you're the freaking chief after all.

After careful consideration, you decide to:

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