The greedy Ninja and her Treasure

From Create Your Own Story

You are a Ninja. You are in a group with other 3 ninjas who are also your best friends. You grew up together. You and your friends serve the Empire. Your story begins on a morning that is not quiet. Your best friends storm into your house and drag you right out. They bring you to the castle. After you enter the castle, the emperor greets you kindly. He says he has an assignment for you. You should accompany a man safely through the forest with his wife and child. According to the emperor, the family is already waiting with two other ninjas to protect them. One of them is your father. You go there directly. Since you are known for your speed in the realm, you are immediately at the meeting place. You are shocked what you see. The family slaughtered, your father and his friend on the ground. You immediately see that they were robbed. Your father's wedding ring was taken away from him along with his finger. Your whole body was seething with anger. An old man shows up and says he saw who did it. It was a woman who is notorious. Your friend asks what you want to do.

Look for her

Go back to the Emperor

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