The back story

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Here are the main characters. Feel free to add some.

Father Zach 6ft aged 39 with short dark brown hair and stubble beard both with the odd grey hair, near black brown eyes, Very muscular build and 8 inch penis. Outgoing and smart.

Mother Vicky Tall, toned aged 35 with long light brown hair, sharp blue eyes and large breasts. Outgoing and friendly

First Son Liam 5ft 9, aged 18, short blond hair, ice blue eyes, muscular build and a 9 incher. Outgoing and quite arrogant.

Second Son William 5ft 7,aged 16 longish black hair, deep brown eyes, thinnish and a 8 inch penis. Shy and smart

First Daughter Emily tall, aged 16, long blonde hair, light brown eyes and toned body, she has small breasts. Outgoing, loud and stubborn

The Twins Amy and India. Identical twins. aged 9. Both have shoulder length dark hair with eyes like their fathers. Amy is attention seeking and loud whilst India is submissive and will go along with anything amy suggests. The only distinguishing feature between the two is a scare on the left side of amy's forehead, earned after falling of a wall she was playing on.

Back story. After a long relationship zach's and vicky's sex life fade away after the birth of amy and india. Zach, growing frustrated, has build a series of device that allow a person to control peoples reluctance, hornyness and sexual knowledge through a handheld device. After inserting them into each family member he activated the devices. However, due to zach's increasing time out the house, Vicky has become convinced that zach is cheating. Upon confronting him zack defending himself resulting in an argument in which zach left the house to stay at a hotel. It has been a week since then and the devices are having a effect. Everyone in the house is constantly horny with very few sexual restraints.

So who will you be

zach, returning home to finish his work

vicky searching for proof of her husbands cheating in his desk

Liam, searching his dad's car keys

william, looking for some money

emily, searching for her phone, confiscated by her dad before he left

amy, playing in her dads private study

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