The Stark Sisters

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"Them," Drogo commands, pointing toward the sisters. He had grown fond of the women from Northern Westeros. Their skin, paler than even your wife, makes the Khal hard as the iron throne.

"Excellent," Arya purred, licking her lips. She turned toward her sister, who was trembling with fear. A virgin, Drogo assumed. "Oh, don't worry about my sister. She'll be moaning before long."

Dropping his pants, Drogo revealed his rock hard, 10 inch cock. "Damn, I want a turn," he hears one of the girls say, Ygritte he thinks. However, his focus is on his prize.

"Enjoy," Daenerys says, her fingers dipping down into her sex. Drogo plans to, walking over to the sisters. Arya is the more eager of the two, crawling over and, without a word, taking his cock in her mouth. The Khal is surprised, but doesn't stop her. He runs his hands through her hair, guiding her bobbing head. The petite girl had definitely sucked dick before, gulping down inch after inch of his cock. Drogo glanced over at Sansa, and saw she was looking on with curiosity. Her nipples were hard, and her eyes followed her sister's head. Unlike her sister, Sansa seemed sexually inexperienced, this probably being the first time she'd seen a penis.

Pulling Arya's head off his cock, the Khal pointed toward the redhead. "Take care sister," he ordered, still not fluent in Westerosi.

"Gladly," Arya said sexily, giving her king's cock a kiss before crawling over to her sister. Despite Sansa's protests and feeble attempts to resist, the smaller yet stronger Arya overpowered her. She pushed the princess on her butt and forcibly spread her legs, revealing her trimmed pussy. Before Sansa could utter another word, Arya dived in, eating out her sisters pussy. Sansa gasped, taken aback by her sisters incestuous actions. Slowly, she began to stop struggling and begin moaning. Soon she had her head back and her eyes closed, moaning loudly and humping her sister's mouth.

As she eat out Sansa, the younger Stark's plump ass swayed back and forth, tempting her would-be husband. Drogo need no further invitation, grabbing her hips and ramming into her wet cunt. Arya grunted at the sudden intrusion, Drogo's dick two sizes to big for her. While definitely not a virgin, she was very tight, and Drogo had to pound into her with all his strength to fit his entire 10 inches into her. She was worth the effort, though, as Drogo had missed fucking pussies this tight. His wife, while she was the love of his life, had been left a bit looser after her pregnancy. If he decided to a take Arya as a wife, Drogo resolved to not impregnate her for a while, a tight little princess, there whenever he needed her.

Having been so focused on the Starks, Drogo was just now noticing what the other girls were doing. Ygritte was furiously fingering her pussy, staring at your long cock. Myrcella was not looking at her king, but instead transfixed on Sansa. She lovingly gazed at the girls pussy, and was delicately rubbing herself. Drogo guessed she might be one of those girls who liked other girls, or who liked both. Finally, he saw his wife was having some fun of her own. She had called Margaery over, the Tyrell's face buried between the Targaryen's legs. The Khaleesi was moaned and squirmed on the Iron Throne, a testament to Margaery's skill. He wouldn't be surprised if his wife kept the former Queen-to-be around, for political reasons, of course.

Arya's climax brought Drogo back to the task at hand. She screamed as she came hard, her juices leaking onto the floor. Her cunt massaged his cock as she came, bringing him close to climax. However, the Khal resisted the urge to release, having more work to do. Once she came down from her high, Arya collapsed, exhausted from the hardest fucking of her life.

"Please marry me," Arya panted as Drogo pulled out. "I need this in my life." Drogo grinned, seriously considering keeping the wild girl around.

"Move," Drogo grunted, giving Arya's ass a squeeze. She complied, rolling out of the way, now lying on her back. Her breasts, covered with sweat, rose and fell with her deep breaths. However, Drogo was now focused on the other Stark. Sansa was looking at him nervously, but her legs remained spread.

"I've never been with a man," she said softly, waiting for him to make a move. Lacking the words to respond, he simply knelt between her legs. She showed no signs of protest, and when he lined up his cock with her virgin sex, she almost looked excited. Deciding to be gentle (at least at first), Drogo slowly pushed into the redhead. She moaned softly, her eyes staring lustfully into his. Soon he hit her hymen, and getting it over quickly. She let out a gasp, and even after a few thrusts he could see tears welling in her eyes. Drogo, though, was determined, and pushed into her with slow, long strokes. Soon she began to like it, moaning softly and pushing back into Drogo's thrusts.

Sansa and Drogo having already been overstimulated by their turns with Arya, both were close to climaxing. Drogo sped up his thrusts, Sansa's moans becoming louder and louder until she was practically screaming for her King. All eyes in the room were on the them as Sansa came, her juices coating the Khal's cock and pushing him over the edge. Shoving his cock in balls-deep, he filled her womb with his potent seed. Regardless of whether or not Drogo married her, Sansa would be having his child. Having pumped her full of his semen, Drogo pulled out, a bit of it leaking out. Arya, still exhausted, crawled over to her sister and the two made out passionately.

"You'd never know those two used to hate eachother," Daenerys commented, getting off the Iron Throne. She had orgasmed the same time as Drogo, Margaery still licking the warm juices off her lips. "So, have you chosen a wife?"

Which Stark does Drogo choose?

He marries both

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