The Slut:Hold his hand

From Create Your Own Story

You take Jeremy's hand in yours and squeeze it. He looks into your eyes and smiles, and puts his other arm around you.

When you get to school, you get off the bus with Jeremy, and walk in with him, his arm around your waist. It feels... good.

He calls someone when you get inside.

"Jill? Hey, sis. Listen, this might sound weird, but do you have any extra pants in your locker? It's for a friend. No, nothing like that. I promise. She just needs a little help. Yeah, thanks. I'll meet you there."

He hangs up.

"She's about your size. You don't want to be stuck in that thing all day, right?" he asks, gesturing at your short skirt.

You look down, and see just how much of your leg is showing. Your ass is barely covered by the thin material.

Accept the pants

Keep the skirt

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