The Powers That Be

From Create Your Own Story

There were many theories about the strange powers that began to manifest in the world.

Intellectuals began to publish papers, theorizing about genetic codes, a new boson, and other such technical things. As always, there were also conspiracy theorists, explaining a government plot or blaming the aftermath of radiation. Still others used them to strengthen faith in their beliefs,either heralding them as a sign, or slaughtering their possessors. The various militaries naturally ignored any inquiries into its purpose or mechanics, opting instead to attempt to harness those powers. Those people, however, were unrelated to the true story.

The ones who now had these powers were the ones most affected. It could have been by design, luck or by the nature of the power that only young people developed the powers, but the result was that few of them had the degree of self control that would be optimal to prevent damage to the world. They had unlocked limitless potential within themselves, of varying forms. It was clear that they would allow them to do anything, and their subsequent effect on the world would only be decided by they themselves.

You are one of them.

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