The Power of Will

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Beep-beep-beep, beep-beep-beep. You shut your alarm off and turn your coffee machine on all with a mere thought. You have been able to shape the world around you to your will since before you can remember. You wish you could find out if your parents were able to shape the world to their liking with a little concentration and a thought as you can but you have no way of asking them. You can't remember anything about them as they died when you were very young. Even with your power there are limits to what you can do and bringing back the dead is definitely not in the realm of possibilities. Not that you would ever be foolish enough to ever try such things but you know the amount of energy required for you to bring back the dead would kill you.
You grew up with your Uncle who took you in after your parents died. Maybe he did it out of kindness or maybe he did it because of the $50,000 a year he got out of the money your parents left to you. You aren't sure what happened between your dad and his brother but you suspect they weren't very close. Your uncle doesn't like talking about your parents and by the time you were 10 you gave up trying to get any information out of him.
You get dressed and go to the kitchen. You sit at the head of your 20 foot long mahogany table and sip your coffee.
"Nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the day," you think to yourself. It better be good coffee. The machine alone cost $2000 not to mention how expensive the coffee beans that you have imported to your house from Guatemala, Peru or Brazil. You can never remember where.
"One new text message" You look down at your table as your prototype phone, that some company you invested a ton of money in sent you, lights up.
"Read message," you respond.
"Message from: Mindy, Today, 7:32 A.M," your phone says in a male, slightly computerized voice before continuing on in a voice that sounds surprisingly like Mindy. "Hey. I was wondering if you were still up for a study session for Psychology like you offered a few weeks back. I'm free all day. Text me back." You completely forgot about that particular offer. Besides having your special gift you also are quite intelligent and rarely find the need to study. Maybe a study session with Mindy wouldn't be so bad. At least Mindy was easy on the eyes. She was about 5'3" blonde hair, slim, and she fills out a shirt well(you'd guess around a C cup). She also is gifted with a great smile, and amazing ocean blue eyes. Evidently studying is the price you'll have to pay to spend some time with her.
"Vander," you say aloud.
"Yes Sir?" Your phone replies reverting back to its normal voice.

Do you:

Note from Trem: In this story some options that use "your" power (the power of will) will require the use of MP. If it does use MP and it is something that I believe the "you" have done before (pre-story) I will note how much MP it will cost in the option. If I feel "you" have not done this before (pre-story) I may not put how much it cost but I will note that it will take MP, how much will likely be on how draining the option is.
Take special note that if your MP ever drops below zero your health will decrease and you will more than likely die.

Health 100 Equipment:

Cell Phone, Wallet

MP 100
Level 1

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