The Power of Suggestion

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DISCLAIMER: This story features elements of rape, physical and psychological torture and sexual sadism. I do not condone these acts, they are for fiction only. If any of these elements upsets you, proceed with caution.

This story is public, I'd like any contributors to use proper grammar and please add " /PoS" to the end of any option so this story doesn't accidentally merge with another.

Your name is Alex, you work in a secret lab owned by the government. You were designing a way to make people instantly and completely susceptible to suggestion or lies for the CIA when your lab exploded.

You open your eyes and at first see nothing but bright lights that make it nearly impossible for you to keep your eyes open. You start blinking rapidly to let in a little bit of light so your eyes will adjust but the discomfort makes you groan a little.

"Doctor? I think he's waking up." You hear an unfamiliar voice say.

"Thanks, let me take a look," the doctor says. Suddenly you say a man standing over, he appears to be in his 40s with light brown hair, clean shaven and muddy brown eyes. He's tall, nearly two full heads taller than the nurse you guess he's about 6'6". He has a kindly look about him that makes you trust him instantly.

"Okay Alex," he says, shining his pen light in your eye to test your pupils. "Can you speak?"

You try but at first nothing comes out and you realize how dry your throat is. "Wa- water," you manage hoarsely.

"Of course," the doctor says, "Nurs- oh," the nurse is already standing there with a glass of water. You take it and gulp it down greedily.

"Thank you," you say, your words coming easier now. "How long was out for?" you ask.

"5 days," the doctor says. "You had no visitors though, is there anyone you'd like us to contact?"

"No, I'm an only child and my parents died several years ago. I don't have many friends, I've been kind of married to my work the last few years. So when can I go home?" You ask. The doctor begins flipping through your chart.

"Well your vitals are all very strong, better than I expected to see, you have no internal bleeding and your responses and coordination seem fine, I have problem seeing you go home tomorrow."

"Thanks doctor."

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