The Outbreak

From Create Your Own Story

It's a normal Saturday, as you walk around you discovered that people are barricading and someone with a sniper rifle is camping on top of his roof. Wondering what happened, you ask a person... "Hey bro, what happened?" "You haven't heard the outbreak?" "You mean we get out for a break?" "No.." "You mean the game Plants VS Zombies?" "Let me say it. The military is experimenting with biowarfare chemicals, and something went wrong." "Do the chinese become slaves? "Shut up. They're causing zombies" "HOLY SHIT" "So far they are in the city, but I'm sure they will come to South Bythville soon.." "I gotta tweet this" "You don't have time to.. anyways, you wanna join our survivor group?" "Sure, wait till I tweet..." "Fucking get a weapon!"

So, you come back to your house, and start looking for weapons...

Do you:

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