The Next Day

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up and look at your watch. 8:52. You don't remember why but you feel that you should get going. You go into the living room to grab your bag so you can head out. As soon as you open the door, you see that on the floor is a shotgun and a machete inside a sheath. In between them is a note:

"Hey Me! Dear Myself Dominic: This is me ... err ... you ... whatever. But anyway, I know you don't remember a thing. (Took drug to forget some things .... Don't think about it too much ...) ... Unless you do remember everything, which then just ignore this note. You probably knew that I guess. OKAY BACK ON TOPIC!!!! If you dont remember a thing, then you don't know what Im talking about but PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!!! Take this shotgun and this machete and if you see some rotting, decayed person running over to you, SHOOT THE FUCKING THING!!! Its a 12 Gauge so its gonna hurt like a bitch! Cant stress that enough!!! The machete is pretty sharp, but in the bag is a sharpening stone thing if you need it and some ammo. Strap the sheath onto your back (Didn't feel right on the leg). There's also some rations, a filled canteen, some rope, duct tape, and a knife. Use that knife for cooking because if you don't you'll be using the machete and that thing has seen quite a few things. Yeah. Not a good idea. Just in case you forget everything about yesterday 1) World ended because of 2) Zombies .... Believe me they're real as fuck 3) You're going to meet with Crystal and Jacob at Jacob's house at 10:30. 3 knocks and say "Pen Holder". I know weird. And finally 4) Once there, go to the kitchen and you guys will find a note for each of you.

Hang in there."

Below that is the address and directions.

A lot to take in, and you spend several moments dealing with it. You finally pick up the shotgun and strap the machete to your back, putting on the back pack on last. Nothing left to do but leave.

Go outside your house

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