The Mountain Chalet

From Create Your Own Story

It's time. Your name is Arthur and you start your car and the journey begins.

It is friday evening and you are going to meet your friends in your old family chalet in black mountain for a long week-end. You will be back on wednesday.

You are the driver, Mary, your pretty girl friend seats next you. Tom, your littel brother seats in the back seat.

You glance your girlfriends thigh. You start to have an hard on thinking about what you can do during the week-end without yours parents.

"I need to pee, can you stop please?" ask Mary.

What are you doing :

1- stop by the side of the road

2- wait the next gazol station

3- don't stop, it stays half en hour before arriving

*            *            *            *            *            *

Feel free to contribute. For contribution you can only use characters describe in the characters list.

Here find a description of the locations, your contribution shall take place in a location describes here.

English is not my native language so don't hesitate to correct me if necessary.

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