The Martyred

From Create Your Own Story

Darkness, an eery lack of feeling, lack of anything. Then suddenly, a burst of wind, your eyes open. You're lying on a cold table, Your right arm cut open. You look towards it, then past to see a table with small cutting tools on it, scalpels. You look around some more. You are alone in a white room. A hospital? Maybe. A mourge? More likely. But how? How did you get here? You try to remember. You have only one memory a blurry thought, a sense of urgency, a woman's voice shouting your name, "Leo!" Your mother? Probably, but you can't make out a face. Suddenly you are aware of a strange feeling, a tingling. You reach up to feel your head. CAT EARS!? You may not remember much, but you're sure that this isn't normal. You've got a tail too. Otherwise you're a pretty normal teenage guy. You have pail white skin and bright red hair. You're not muscular in the slightest, yet you feel oddly strong. You figure you might be able to get some answers if you get up and look around.

Slowly, you climb off of the cold operating table which you awoke on. You feel blood trickling down your arm. Maybe you should do something about that. Should you...

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