The Library's Secret

From Create Your Own Story

A long time ago, when men were knights, and old people were wizards, books were read a lot. And they had librarians. But these librarians, did they know magic? Well, let's see here.

You are a librarian. Due to your love of reading and how good you are at magic, you were accepted. The Head Librarian, and old lady named Ms. Nellis, is very weak, so when she summons for you, you waste no time scrambling over. "Yes, Ms. Nellis?" you ask, out of breath.

"I have a sickness," she says, in her fragile, yet stern, voice. "I need you to get me a medicine. By doing this, I will give you something nice to keep." And with this, she falls into a sleep.

The Vice Librarian takes command, who is a middle-aged man. You head off, into the streets, when you see a man rob another man. Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:

Librarian's Robe, Library Book of Spells

MP 20
Level 1

For a list of every item in the story, view The Library's Secret Item Index.

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