The Legend of Link

From Create Your Own Story

You must keep track of many things. You start with 6 Health, 6 Magic, and 3 Attack. You also have to have a section for your sword, shield, and tunic, as well as Triforce pieces. You must also have a spot for the Ocarina, as well as 12 Song spots. Make sure there is a spot for Enemy Health & Attack as well. You also need a spot to keep track of a Hookshot (when received), Bow (when received), Bottles #1-#4 (when recieved, you start with Bottle #1), Bombs (when recieved), and 4 Special Items. These are the Quiver–Largest Quiver, Bomb Bag–Largest Bomb Bag, Silver/Golden Gauntlets, and Silver/Golden Scale. Once all this info and space is jotted down, continue to read the story.

You walk up towards the Kokiri Forest. You make it into the bridge in the Lost Woods when Mido stops you. "Sir, Kokiri Forest is on fire! There are 3 Kokiri left! Please save them within 10 minutes or else they will surely die!" You accept this task.

Received Quest: Save the Kokiri! You have 10:00 to rescue three Kokiri.

You walk into the Kokiri Forest to do this.

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