The Johnson Family/Minnie/Go to big sister's room

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Knowing Robin would have something cool stashed away, she sneaks up to her door, before stopping. Strange noises come from beyond the door, and from Robin. Curious, Minnie gently pushes open the door, revealing Robin, lying naked, with her knees up in the air and her legs spread open, across the width of the bed. It's dark, so she is unable to tell if her sister is awake, or still sleeping; but she is already crawling towards her, mind captured by the thought of seeing her sister's everything.

Clambering up the bottom of the bed frame, Minnie hauls herself up onto the mattress, finding her head, already, between her sister's legs. A smell enters Minnie's nose, which she can't describe or understand, but she feels it and her heart beats faster, as she sees from where it comes. In the dim morning light, Robin's pale white legs are like landing lights, guiding Minnie's eyes towards the bright red flower, blooming between them, as it oozes and glistens from it's sweet nectar.

Swallowing hard, Minnie tries to hold back urges, but they get the best of her inquisitive nature, as she licks the shiny nectar off of Robin's thigh, making her sister twitch and moan, as her small tongue rubs along the smooth, sensitive skin of her thigh. The nectar was tasteless; but it's sticky texture, inside her mouth, set off a tingling in Minnie's own flower. She continues licking, moving down her sister's thigh, moving closer and closer to the flower, hoping, that if she laps up enough, her own flower will bloom, too.

Opening her sister's petals, she drinks straight from the source, burying her face into it, kissing and licking, as Robin squirms, from pleasure, closing her thighs around Minnie's head, locking her face against her hips. Robin's hips begin to gyrate, smearing her juices all over her little sister's face.


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